Sometimes, you have to leave tracks to guide others.

The unusual thing at Paoay Sand Dunes is that I got to see something calm beyond the 4x4 rides and sand boarding. If you actually look around without keeping in mind the things that you went there for, everything around the sand dunes was so surreal. 

Some of the bell towers that we’ve seen in Ilocos.

Bacarra Bell Tower Ruins; San Agustin Church(Paoay Church) bell tower; Laoag City Sinking Bell Tower; Sta. Monica Church Bell Tower; Badoc Church of La Virgen Milagrosa Bell Tower

Parroquia de San Agustin or commonly known as Paoay Church

San Agustin Church is one of the historical landmarks in the Philippines that is recognized by the government and UNESCO. It is popular for its architectural design - a combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental design.

Grab the opportunity to help! -

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Force of Life

You are lucky and blessed if you are looking at this right now on your computer.

Picturesque: Emma Watson

A vector portrait and my DISKWENTO(The literary, art, graphics and photography folio of Accountancy Journal) cover. This is also, a tribute to Emma Watson’s new film, ‘Noah’.

Kapurpurawan white #rockformation is a beauty! #philippines #nofilter