Barber’s Tales (Mga Kuwentong Barbero) Review


Barber’s Tales is a hauntingly beautiful film that gives more light to the Philippine Film industry.

Set in the 1970’s, Marilou(Eugene Domingo) inherits the barbershop of her husband, Jose(Daniel Fernando), who just passed away. Jose’s barbershop is the only barbershop in town and was passed down by generations of men in their family. She tries to run the barbershop herself and fails to attract customers as the male clients do not want to trust a woman.

Barber’s Tales was carefully paced and yet gracefully executed. It is not your usual formulaic film that offers romance, comedy or the like. It passes over the ordinary. Barber’s Tales is a political & historical drama that is told in a point of view that empowers woman.

Eugene Domingo takes the audience away from her usual comic act and dramatically engages them into the life of Marilou. Her performance was definitely remarkable. She was very composed and does not fail to hold the audience and make them empathize with Marilou until the end of the film. Domingo truly deserves the best actress award that she won at the 2013 Tokyo International Film Festival.

The supporting actors(Eddie Garcia, Shamaine Buencamino, Gladys Reyes, Nonie Buencamino, Iza Calzado, Nicco Manolo, Daniel Fernandez and Sue Prado) were solid. Each of them managed to shine as they deliver what is needed to be delivered to the audience. Even the cameo of Nora Aunor was astounding. Everything was not overly acted. It was straightforward and precise.

The lack of music and scene build up may have put the film at risk. However, the substance was enough to keep the story going. Eugene Domingo’s subtle but powerful performance wrapped it all together; and justify what the film lacks but doesn’t seem to lack at all.

Barber’s Tales is definitely a must-see (especially if you are a Filipino who has lost hope with Filipino films). It is an excellent film that spins a linear story in ways that you will not foresee. 

A masterpiece by Jun Robles Lana that provocatively signifies a piece of Philippine history and culture. Barber’s Tales gives a sense of fulfilment and utmost hope for the new golden age of Filipino Cinema.

“Pero hindi lahat ng tao handang harapin kung ano ang tama” -Susan(Gladys Reyes)

Panahon na para tangkilikin ang karapatdapat tangkilikin.

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Walking backwards through a part of Bonifacio Global City and see how it looks like when reversed.

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"Batman at 75"

Vector illustration tribute

"Andres Bonifacio" mural by Doppel, a Japanese live painting duo. This mural is found at Bonifacio High Street Central.

Floating pastry/food display

(Almost) odd one out. 

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

Saw these Aeta kids on our way out of the Mt. Pinatubo trail to Barangay Sapangbato. Seeing their genuine smiles was really heartwarming.